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Wildfire Innovations Inc., are here to address wildfire threats safely and effectively with our new and distinctive resourceful innovation the ERIS (Elevated Rain Induced Solution). ERIS is built for municipalities, remotely located properties, and corporate infrastructures of all sizes. The ERIS (Elevated Rain Induced Solution) will provide the best environmentally safe protection, peace of mind and courage for people and nature. Saving their investment and the earth.

Who else can provide timed, resourceful wildfire protection above tree canopies?
ERIS provides beyond a
700-meter (2300′) coverage radius,  that’s almost a mile coverage! In some instances, one model can repel wildfire and protect more than 190 homes. 

Our 24/7 ERIS technology will stand up to the largest of crown fires, safely, effectively and we will stand up for customers and municipalities for as long as they have the ERIS product.

Wildfire Innovations Inc. is destined to reshape the way the world can prevent, protect against, and minimize threats from Wildfires, and resourcefully. By utilizing our suite of Patented first-mover technologies, wildfire suppression can now safely and resourcefully be applied 24 hours a day. The Elevated Rain Induced Solution (ERIS) technology can be temporary or permanent with stationary, mobile, and portable models with targeted precision, which is controlled and applied distinctively to ensure that efficient coverage is delivered with timed effectiveness when needed most.