We Save Lives and Infrastructures

Each year 340,000 related deaths are caused from wildfires and burn 865 million acres globally. 

In North America alone (the USA and Canada), the average annual cost is over $150 billion USD in total expenditures and comprises only 5% of the global problem.

Our patented, resourceful 24-hour small and large-scale wildfire suppression and environmental protection technologies are designed for remote locations, private, municipal, and industrial infrastructure of all sizes. We offer B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) financing.

At a minimum, we currently provide 30% more coverage than the largest ground sprinkler operating in an open field and 15 times more coverage than the larges air tanker drop, with only one unit. We have achieved a 700-meter (2296′) radius buffer/protection zone.

“ERIS can do more for less.”


To be released in Q1-2021

Known as
Home Elevated Rain Induced Solution

A variety of sizes to choose from